Ethics: Bundestag advises on euthanasia bills for the first time – politics

A nurse holds a woman’s hand in a nursing home. Today the Bundestag is dealing with concrete proposals to regulate euthanasia in Germany. Photo Sebastian Kahnert / zb / dpa The legal boundaries of euthanasia have been under discussion for years – how does the Bundestag resolve the tension between self-determination and the protection of … Read more

KI: Lower Saxony promotes artificial intelligence for 350 million euros

The government of Lower Saxony wants to improve almost all areas of public life with artificial intelligence and stands above all for “human-oriented artificial intelligence” that builds trust. Its strategy document covers the spectrum from health and care, education, environmental and civil protection, road traffic, citizen-friendly cities, efficient administration, judiciary and criminal prosecution, to agriculture. … Read more

The term “social market economy” is used incorrectly

70 years ago, Ludwig Erhard pushed through the abolition of compulsory management and fixed prices. Since then, praises and occasional speeches, as well as party programs and coalition agreements refer to the model of the social market economy. In doing so, you are taking a risk. Anyone who gives the impression that a market economy … Read more