European Championship 2022 – These music stars are performing

Aug 15, 2022 @ 11:20 am Opening ceremony, Roof Festival, concerts : These musicians perform at the European Championships Sportfreunde Stiller. Photo: Rock im Park / Ingo Pertramer Munich Not only the best athletes, but also music stars come to the August sports event in Munich. Several top performers will perform at the opening ceremony, … Read more

Working with a high salary without training: 3,100 euros – here it is worth changing jobs

Zuek ule veleu lu Benlpekteup pu ulete Pletteu utteu vle kenle – i, t2 Zlttluueu plup ep. lu Nelleu pep Zeektleaeepelkeuap nup BeekhlotleOeuaetp Oeppeu plek VuleluekOeu Oekl ent ouleuelette Pevelpel eluteppeu – nup enek leue nOvelpeu, ple elupl lkle Geuplanua aepeklepeu kelleu. “PuuOeleua-Flllua” ueuul plek ple Zelkupe, ekeOetlae Zllelpellel enleeh lup VuleluekOeu en kuteu. Bnup … Read more

Sixt car rental aims to record profit | Free press

People want to travel again, but car hire is scarce and expensive. This gave Sixt a record result in the first half of the year. The outlook is also positive. Pullach. Sixt car rental takes advantage of the growing willingness to travel and high rental prices. After the best six-month results in history, the company … Read more

Airline Passenger Rights: Consumer Advice Center warns against dilution Free press

If your flight is canceled or delayed by more than three hours, you are entitled to compensation under EU law. It’s a thorn in the side of the airlines. Consumer ombudsmen warn against reopening the topic. Frankfurt / Berlin. The Federal Consumers’ Association warned against the weakening of air passenger rights in the European Union. … Read more

Working with a high salary without training: 3,100 euros – here it is worth changing jobs

Career helper job 3,100 euros a month without training – here a job change pays off especially Status: 4:11 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes “Work biographies are increasingly characterized by changes in work and industry,” says Indeed Source: Getty Images / Ezra Bailey Many companies are responding to labor shortages and accepting potential candidates. … Read more

Managerial training: sustainability courses are booming – WELT

DUniversity of St. Gallen takes an offensive approach. Employees of the Social Innovation Competence Center invited to a promotional event on LinkedIn. “For four days in St. Gallen, we’ll be dealing live with your business and how you create value from the topic of sustainability, ”says Judith Walls, professor of sustainable development management. There were … Read more

5G can allow drones to fly further | Free press

There is one rule with drones: you can only fly them as far as you can see them. But why exactly? 5G mobile communication can expand the field of view to some extent. Aldenhoven. Forefinger forward, upward gesture, then tapping the finger on the palm: looks weird as Vodafone developer Mohamed Azzahhafi stands outside in … Read more

Hugo Boss doubles earnings to EUR 100 million | Free press

The Metzingen-based textile group has completely renewed its brands and relies on digital-oriented customers. The plan seems to be working. Metzingen. Thanks to the brand renewal that started last year, Hugo Boss fashion is doing better again. The Metzingen-based fashion group more than doubled its operating result in the second quarter from EUR 42 million … Read more

Finance – Sustainable financial advice: support for “green” investments? – Business

Frankfurt am Main (dpa) – The European Commission wants to spend more money on “green” investments. From August 2, things will become serious for banks and asset managers: from then on, when providing investment advice, they will have to ask about the sustainability advantages of their clients. Why it is? Regardless of whether it is … Read more

Intel hopes to start work in Magdeburg in early 2023 | Free press

Intel wants to build in Magdeburg next year. However, for state subsidies to flow, the EU has yet to pass a new law. Magdeburg. US chip maker Intel hopes to start building new semiconductor factories in Magdeburg next year. “We are planning a breakthrough in the first half of 2023 and we are optimistic that … Read more