Large research centers for Lusatia and central Germany

fThe federal government had good news for science in Germany on Thursday and for the two regions affected by brown coal phase-out, Lusatia and central Germany. It has been known for two years that a new large-scale research center is to be created in each of these areas to compensate for the abandonment of coal-based … Read more

Learning to swim in cold water – soon more non-swimmers? | Free press

In an energy crisis, the water temperature in the pools should be lowered. But when children learn to swim, they should have fun – but is it possible in cold water? Bad Nenndorf. Many children find it difficult to swim in deep water for the first time, but the need to swim in cold water … Read more

The office sets the new “economy” | Free press

Recently, the Advisory Board had only three members. But now the advice of experts is complete again. Berlin. The federal cabinet called the new “business model” – the advisory body is now complete after a long time. Economist Martin Werding and financial markets expert Ulrike Malmendier are new to the five-member Board of Experts for … Read more

Eon expects energy prices to rise | Free press

Wholesale energy prices have risen significantly since last fall. As a result, more and more energy suppliers are raising prices for end customers. Meal. The largest German energy supplier, Eon, expects further increases in electricity and gas prices for end users. Price pressure dominates all markets, CFO Marc Spieker said Wednesday in Essen. “The only … Read more

Airline Passenger Rights: Consumer Advice Center warns against dilution Free press

If your flight is canceled or delayed by more than three hours, you are entitled to compensation under EU law. It’s a thorn in the side of the airlines. Consumer ombudsmen warn against reopening the topic. Frankfurt / Berlin. The Federal Consumers’ Association warned against the weakening of air passenger rights in the European Union. … Read more

The European Commission approves German aid for green heating | Free press

The federal government intends to allocate billions in subsidies to encourage the use of renewable energy in heating production. The green light has now come from Brussels. Brussels. Germany can invest almost EUR 3 billion in the promotion of heating from renewable energy sources. The EU’s competition authority approved aid of € 2.98 billion over … Read more

Railway officer Theurer: 69 euro ticket makes no sense | Free press

It is not known how things will turn out after the monthly ticket for 9 euros expires. The federal government’s railroad commissioner does not think any supplementary tickets are a good idea. Berlin. Federal government rail commissioner Michael Theurer is skeptical about the € 69 variant as the successor to the € 9 monthly local … Read more

Increase in costs puts the craft industry in a difficult situation | Free press

Rising material and energy costs are causing problems for craft businesses. This makes the calculation of costs difficult. According to the association, companies make a minus on many orders. Berlin. Craft CEO Hans Peter Wollseifer sees companies in the industry in a difficult situation. “Firms and businesses in the industry are very concerned about the … Read more

Bio as a response to the crisis – opening of the Biofach fair | Free press

During the Corona crisis, organic products were searched like never before. The boom has subsided. However, in the face of new crises, the industry shows resilience and offers solutions for the future. Nuremberg. Despite inflation and reluctance to buy, organic food is still in demand – good news for Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir. “Organic, … Read more

The federal government wants to reduce subsidies for e-cars | Free press

If you want to buy an electric car, you need to be prepared to reform state subsidies. Subsidies should expire by the end of 2024 at the latest – soon those for plug-in hybrids. Berlin. From next year, buyers of purely electric cars will receive less support from the state – the pool of subsidies … Read more