Songs about love, longing, human rights and freedom

July 31, 2022 at 20:03 Concert in Wuppertal : Arash Sasan: Songs of love, longing, human rights and freedom The Persian song poet Arash Sasan played with his ensemble at the International Meeting Center on Hünefeldstraße. Photo: Michael Mutzberg MM Wuppertal The Persian song poet Arash Sasan and his band gave a concert. The team … Read more

End of an era of plenty – Now only freedom helps

Inwhy doesn’t the chancellor dare to tell the simple truth? Namely, that a very long period of abundance is over for now, and now, at least for a while, the era of scarcity is approaching. This is not an unjustified revelation, but a factual declaration that supply at the moment and in the foreseeable future … Read more

Pierre Charbonnier: “Abundance and Freedom” – How the climate crisis is rooted in our concepts

Today, no one doubts that the climate crisis is also a social crisis. However, we often think about the consequences: drought, hunger, and sometimes even wars. We usually blame causes and origins on the ruthless exploitation of natural resources, and rarely on the concepts of nature and ways of thinking that historically formed and continue … Read more

The Ultimate Cape Town Bucket List / Cape Town Tourism highlights six of the most important sites in the mother city

Cape Town / Frankfurt am Main (ots) – Fine cuisine, art and culture, and breathtaking nature: there is something for everyone in Cape Town. Cape Town Tourism shows you six amazing places that should not be missing on any wish list. The interactive, individual journey “Find your freedom” ( gives you a first taste of … Read more