Employer President: “Now the state is needed: finally more net”

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Tax on excess profits for oil companies – state supporters plan to attack the free market economy

According to her own website, Ricarda Lang, co-president of the Greens, studied law for 15 semesters – without a degree. He cites “women’s policy, welfare and health, social security and a diverse society” as “the subject of the heart”. So she has not lost her heart to the economy. Nevertheless, Obergrünen managed to make a … Read more

Energy Crisis: Watering Can End Principle – Habeck endorses Lindner’s position

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Habeck announces tightening of the antitrust law in a dispute over a discount on tanks

BERLIN Earlier in the opposition, but also in the traffic light coalition itself, dissatisfaction with the limited brake effect on fuel prices grew. After falling prices due to tax cuts on Wednesday last week, fuel prices have increased significantly again. Leading politicians from the FDP, CDU, SPD and the Left Party called on Habeck to … Read more

Crown Management: No more closure fantasies!

opinion Crown management No more closure fantasies! Status: 06/01/2022 | Reading time: 3 minutes WELT by Kaja Klapsa Source: Martin UK Lengemann / WELT Here you can listen to our WELT podcasts Revocable consent is required for the transmission and processing of personal data to display embedded content, as embedded content providers require this consent … Read more

Robert Habeck wants an ecological and social market economy

“It’s a bit hippie, but I’m from a hippie party.”: During a handover on Wednesday afternoon, new Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) slipped a bracelet made of recycled fishing net plastic over his predecessor Peter Altmaier (CDU). They met in 2012 during a visit to Watt in Friedrichskoog. At that time, Altmaier had … Read more

Hartz IV: The federal government wants to massively ease sanctions – economy

The traffic light coalition wants a mass relaxation of the existing Hartz IV regulations. Until mid-2023, the long-term unemployed should be almost free from sanctions, such as reducing money in the event of inappropriate behavior. So far, the government only planned to suspend sanctions until the end of the year. The only remaining sanction will … Read more