Ethics: Bundestag advises on euthanasia bills for the first time – politics

A nurse holds a woman’s hand in a nursing home. Today the Bundestag is dealing with concrete proposals to regulate euthanasia in Germany. Photo Sebastian Kahnert / zb / dpa The legal boundaries of euthanasia have been under discussion for years – how does the Bundestag resolve the tension between self-determination and the protection of … Read more

Diseases: a WHO warning about monkey pox? Experts advise in Geneva – knowledge

This photo, courtesy of the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp, shows the skin symptoms of a patient with monkey pox. Photo: – / Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp / dpa The crown pandemic is not over yet, and experts are already advising whether or not an international emergency should be declared due to the … Read more

Psilocybin: Are Magic Mushrooms Antidepressant?

Updated: 6/18/2022 – 13:24 A new therapeutic approach With “Magic Mushrooms” against depression Photo: Getty Images / MICROGEN IMAGES / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Psilocybin contained in “Magic Mushrooms” has a positive effect in the treatment of depression. In “Magic Mushrooms” it is illegal here, but it can help with depression: psilocybin is not tested as … Read more

Eleventh Health Congress: Lectures and Exhibition at Furtwangen University – Furtwangen and surroundings

Everything is set in motion; The 11th Furtwangen Health Congress may begin on Wednesday. Waiting for it (from left): Sabine Behringer from Furtwangen University, Hatem Saleh from the department of health, Manfred Kühne from the university development agency, Meike Kreysing from the health network and Mayor Josef Herdner. Photo: Heimpel In the coming week, the … Read more

Finally, no more round hair loss? The miracle drug gives hope

June 15, 2022 – 12:28 watch Round hair loss, also known as alopecia areata, can affect anyone – whether it’s male, female, young or old. This also applies to celebrities such as the current Rosenkavalierin Sharon Battiste, who is looking for her prince charming in “The Bachelorette”, and actress Jada Pinkett Smith. A new drug … Read more

Tariffs – Düsseldorf – University hospital strike calls allowed: Verdi strengthened – economy

Bonn (dpa / lnw) – Defeat for clinics, wind in the back for workers: Calls for strikes from the Verdi union at Bonn University Hospital (UKB) are still allowed. The Bonn Labor Court rejected an urgent request for an injunction from the hospital, a court spokeswoman for the German Press Agency said on Tuesday. Through … Read more

This is how the body and mind find a restful sleep

When stress blocks you falling asleep Restful sleep is an essential factor in health and well-being. Both physical and mental performance are closely related to adequate and healthy sleep. In stressful times, taking a break at night helps recharge your battery, but stress in particular can seriously disrupt your evening sleep. If our thoughts are … Read more

“The orientation is now given again”

March 2, 2022 – 13:37 watch Summer, sun, break without a crown? This has always been the case in recent years. But since the omicron variant is very contagious, German coronation expert Christian Drosten advises in the ‘Coronavirus Update’ podcast not to forgo indoor FFP2 masks in the summer. This is the only way to … Read more

Dementia: which can slow mental deterioration

teppnua plek plepltlpleleu. “Ple peheO PlnktavOuepllh, nup Oulaeup aep ep elue Nellnuappeken”, peal Iueklel Pelpele. lu anlel Gpknl, atenple ple BeOltle, puttle puek ple Pkeuee peplekeu, pepp pel aelpllae Pppen aepleOpl vllp nup ep pel Znllel peppel aekl. Buek ple Puaepule veleu ulekl uuu Benel, ulete vnlpeu entalnup pel BeupeOle enpaepelel. Zekl aeke ulekl, leekltelllale … Read more