Low water worries the economy – the economy

The low water on the Rhine does not only have a direct impact on inland navigation. Industrial production may also suffer, experts warn economists – especially against the background of the existing problems. Kiel (dpa) – According to the economist prof. Stefan Kooths of the Kiel Institute for World Economy, the economic consequences of the … Read more

Dockers’ strike exacerbates traffic jams in the North Sea | Free press

In some sectors, relatively few workers can paralyze a large mechanism – this is also the case in ports, import and export hubs. The consequences of the recent warning strike are now becoming apparent. Hamburg / Kiel. Last week’s 48-hour dockers’ strike caused traffic jams on container ships in the North Sea to escalate again. … Read more

Labor courts refuse to end warning strikes in ports | Free press

In some sectors, a relatively small number of workers can paralyze a large mechanism – and this is also the case in ports. As import and export centers, they usually ensure the efficient handling of goods. Hamburg / Bremerhaven. After the largest strike in decades, thousands of port workers again blocked cargo ship operations in … Read more

Consequences of the pandemic: China’s economy is shrinking

Beijing The scale of the economic damage caused by China’s blockades is likely to become apparent on Friday. Subsequently, the National Statistical Office will publish growth data for the months April-June and many other economic indicators. The data will also shed light on whether government leaders need to pass additional stimulus packages to stabilize the … Read more

Economy: ROUND: Nord Stream 1 without gas

BERLIN / LUBMIN Industry Feels Prepared – Fear of Recession Gas supply in Germany is currently still stable. Even a permanent shutdown of Nord Stream 1 would likely not have immediate consequences. However, in the event of a shortage, the industry would be the first to feel the effects of downtime. On the other hand, … Read more

The economy and economists criticize the ECB’s interest rate plans

The seat of the ECB in Frankfurt There is criticism of the central bank. (Photo: IMAGO / Political moments) Düsseldorf, Berlin Criticism of the pace of the European Central Bank (ECB) with planned interest rate increases comes from the German economy and leading economists. “Too little and too late,” Dirk Jandura, president of the German … Read more