Tui counts down the corona crisis | Free press

At the beginning of the corona crisis, Tui was dependent on state aid, but the tourism business gained momentum again. Nevertheless, the tourist giant is still not enough to earn. Hanover. The Tui tourist group has so far had fewer bookings in Corona’s third year than before the pandemic, but it sees itself on its … Read more

The tourism industry is withdrawing more and more from the Corona crisis | Free press

Business with the most beautiful weeks of the year is in full swing. Demand is high after years of the pandemic. However, the organizers’ joy is not entirely cloudless. Frankfurt am Main. After two tough years of Corona, the tourism industry is celebrating a comeback. The organizers take advantage of the desire to travel around … Read more

New alert at Munich airport | Free press

Munich Airport warns of flight cancellations and delays. The Verdi union has called for a warning strike. Munich. Two weeks after a successful warning strike by Lufthansa ground staff in the middle of the summer holidays, the Verdi union is again calling for a warning strike at Munich airport. The destination is now the ground … Read more

DER Touristik: unflagging willingness to travel despite high inflation | Free press

After two years of the Corona crisis, business at DER Touristik is in full swing. In times of high inflation, customers now benefit from the purchasing policy of tour operators. Frankfurt am Main. According to the experiences of the tourist group DER Touristik, high inflation and chaos at airports have not weakened the willingness to … Read more

Retail: Unpackaged stores in crisis – Bergedorfer is countering this

the retail trade Unpacked stores during the crisis – Bergedorfer is countering this Updated: 8/6/2022 08:00 | Reading time: 4 minutes Florian Giese, owner of the unpackaged “Onkel Emma” store in Bergedorf. Photo: Thomas Pöhlsen The coronation pandemic and inflation are hitting the industry hard. How Florian Giese Reorganizes His Onkel Emma Business. = tqbo … Read more

Lufthansa buys a way out of chaos | Free press

Until recently, wage increases of up to 20 percent were unimaginable. With the Verdi qualification for ground staff, Lufthansa is primarily responding to the shortage of workers in the industry. Frankfurt am Main. Lufthansa has resolved the wage conflict with its ground staff with a wage contract well above average. “The result includes inflation compensation … Read more

Lufthansa and Verdi agree ground staff | Free press

Despite all the problems with the restart, Lufthansa made a profit in the second quarter. This should be the case all year round, promises the CEO of Spohr and addresses his employees. Frankfurt am Main. Despite the constant threat of strikes and chaos in airport service, Lufthansa has returned to profitability. While the company delegations … Read more

Merck Benefits From Currency Effects – Targets Increased

Merck The Darmstadt-based pharmaceutical and life science group can continue to increase sales and profits. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Merck benefits from the strong demand for pharmaceutical products and electronic materials for the semiconductor industry. The group was able to increase sales and profits again in the second quarter. The Dax Group organically grew 6.6 percent. … Read more

US equities: growth after encouraging data | Free press

First, the tensions between the US and China caused uncertainty on the US stock markets – now the mood has changed. It has to do with economic data. New York. After the recent defeat, US stock markets continued their July recovery on Wednesday. The impulse was given by optimistic economic data from the world’s largest … Read more

Down with commuting – economy

Commuting doesn’t make you happy, of course. Neither city dwellers who are irritated by traffic jams at their fingertips, nor commuters who are also irritated by long distances, poor connections and people who would prefer the city to be as green as it is in the countryside. Above all, the debate is so emotional right … Read more