Economic growth and progress – developing country

Visualization of Neom The metropolis of the future is to be built in northeastern Saudi Arabia on an area of ​​25,000 square kilometers by 2030. (Photo: Neom) Tel Aviv The twin towers will be 500 meters high and will dominate the panorama of the planned city of Neom. The cost of building Neoma is currently … Read more

How much is our economy dependent on China?

In Saxony, on the other hand, new settlements from China are “rather rare,” according to the Saxon Ministry of the Economy. This is also evidenced by the investment amounts from China, which were supported by state subsidies from the GRW (“Community task: improvement of the regional economic structure”). While Saxony has subsidized investments from China … Read more

ROUNDUP / Aktien New York conclusion: the slowdown continues – fear of a decision on interest rates ()

NEW YORK (dpa-AFX) – US stock markets continued to fall on Monday amid rising interest rates and fears of a recession. Two days before the US Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates, market participants feared that the unexpectedly high inflation could induce monetary authorities to increase interest rates even more. Tech stocks in particular have … Read more

Investors are demanding greater insight into sustainable investments

Frankfurt (Reuters) – Acidity test believed to be passed: companies that have relied on so-called ESG criteria in the crisis year 2020, had to reduce their profits on average less than others during the corona pandemic. Euro currency accounts are presented at the Croatian National Bank in Zagreb, Croatia, May 21, 2019 Photo taken May … Read more