Motion Pictures August 2022: New movies in theaters

What films will hit theaters in August 2022? Photo: Iuliia Pilipeichenko / Shutterstock August is in theaters with news of Brad Pitt, Jordan Peele’s new horror movie, the ending of the After series, and more. summer collapse? Not with this cinema program. Movie lovers will also appreciate their money this month as everything is included, … Read more

Immigration or emigration – expert discussion about the future of life in the countryside

Message from 07/19/2022 Sren Bartol (SPD) has been a member of the German Bundestag since 2002 and has been responsible for building and housing policy since then, first as a press spokesman, then as deputy chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, and now as parliamentary secretary of state in the relevant federal ministry. Photo: Private … Read more

James Webb Telescope: What a Super Telescope Reveals About Space – Knowledge

An image from the James Webb Telescope shows a galaxy cluster as it appeared 4.6 billion years ago. Photo: dpa / Space Telescope Science Institute NASA has released the first spectacular photos from the universe’s kindergarten. James Webb is also said to provide a glimpse into life in distant planets. The deepest and sharpest infrared … Read more

High sick leaves in Germany: Why Corona is not the only evil at the moment – knowledge

Today, far more people get sick than usual, which is also due to Covid-19, but not only. Photo: imago / / Iordache Magdalena Today, many people are sick and there is a shortage of workers everywhere. This applies not only to the Corona summer wave. What are the reasons? The summer corona wave is leading … Read more

The “Octopus” platform wants to turn the scientific process inside out – knowledge

Science continues to improve as researchers write research, other researchers look at it, and even more when it is published. What is wrong can be fixed. For several years, the entire field of science has also been working on creating a proposal for a new publication system in the scientific community. Because it includes some … Read more

Altenkirchener Glockenspitze: The sports committee examines the skate and bike park

Message from June 30, 2012 The road was not too far: leaving behind the routine of meetings in the “district council” building, members of the Altenkirchen district council sports committee went to the Glockenspitze to take a closer look at the almost new skater and the bicycle park. Inspection of an almost new facility: The … Read more

Altenkirchen: Good concert thanks to the Music Corps of the Koblenz Army and the wind instrument classes

Message from 06/28/2022 Author: Wolfgang Rabsch What could be experienced in the courtyard of the Westerwald-Gymnasium in Altenkirchen was exceptional – and what many people will remember for a long time. There was no one else to get to an amazing 5th, 6th and 7th grade brass concert than the Army Music Corps (Hmk) from … Read more

Science – Jacques-Yves Cousteau died 25 years ago – Knowledge

Paris (AP) – He was the first to record humpback whale songs and one of the few to film the hundreds of sharks and whales that are endangered today. Jacques-Yves Cousteau transformed his deep-sea expeditions into more than 100 films and numerous books – and in them he opened up to people a previously unknown, … Read more

Remarkable concert in Neitersen: Violons Barbares are completely convincing

Press release of June 23, 2012. First of all, quite unusual timbres, vocal formations, instrumentation and dense sound patterns quickly captivated the audience. The Violons Barbares trio achieved success in a wild bow ride during the Bulgarian-Macedonian-Mongolian War at Wiedhalle Neitersen. The Violons Barbares trio achieved success in a wild bow ride during the Bulgarian-Macedonian-Mongolian … Read more

Here are the differences between inactivated and live vaccines

A doctor from Munich shows ampoules containing the Comirnaty vaccine from Biontech / Pfizer against coronavirus in his practice. Photo: dpa / Felix Hörhager Various types of vaccines are available to enhance protection against the crown. A distinction is made between inactivated dead vaccines and attenuated live vaccines. So far, four coronavirus vaccines have been … Read more