Sensitive telescopes: Climate change is obscuring the view of the stars

Science astronomy How climate change is obscuring the view of the stars Status: 17:19 | Reading time: 3 minutes The VLT’s laser beam is used to correct the influence of the Earth’s atmosphere in the images Source: ESO Dry, clear, cool: Telescopes need optimal location conditions to be able to accurately measure the universe. But … Read more

How can you remember things better? This is the key

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Infrared light for charging: “This technology could make charging cables superfluous”

Science wireless technology “This technology could make charging cables redundant” From 2:22 pm | Reading time: 3 minutes Inductive smartphone charging Source: Getty Images It’s a dream for technicians and smartphone users to be able to charge their mobile devices anywhere in the room without using a cable. However, inductive charging technologies have their limitations. … Read more

Green hydrogen: energy from bone-dry air

From 18:01 | Reading time: 3 minutes Even in the driest desert air, there are traces of water. It can be used. Source: Getty Images / 500px Plus / Johan Janse van Rensburg Australian scientists have developed a hydrogen production technique that does not require liquid water. Humidity is used, which must be only a … Read more

Poll: Confidence in science increased during the pandemic

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