Motion Pictures August 2022: New movies in theaters

What films will hit theaters in August 2022? Photo: Iuliia Pilipeichenko / Shutterstock August is in theaters with news of Brad Pitt, Jordan Peele’s new horror movie, the ending of the After series, and more. summer collapse? Not with this cinema program. Movie lovers will also appreciate their money this month as everything is included, … Read more

False data at its lowest level in nearly nine years – Economy

Federal bank Security forces unearth a forgery workshop. But that’s not the only reason why the number of flowers in Germany continues to decline. From dpaJuly 22, 2022 at 2:10 pm The Bundesbank presents counterfeit 20 and 50 euro banknotes. In July 2021, the police unearthed a counterfeit workshop in Cologne and found around 600 … Read more

“To the ends of the earth” in the cinema: Hymn to love – culture

The Japanese TV presenter stands waist-deep in the water and happily waves her arms over her head towards the camera. Here in Lake Aydar in the middle of Uzbekistan, the mythical Bramul, a two-meter tall beast-fish, is said to be circling. Can she catch him? But nets thrown into the water for shooters only bring … Read more

Mission accomplished: Tom Cruise at 60 Entertainment

Tom Cruise at the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick in May in London. Photo: Alberto Pezzali / AP / dpa There were headlines of divorce and scandals related to his offensive Scientology mission. But Tom Cruise is unstoppable. At 60, the “Top Gun” star is at the top of Hollywood. Los Angeles – Couldn’t have … Read more

Jacques-Yves Cousteau died 25 years ago – Science

sea ​​explorer Nobody has filmed the underwater world as dazzlingly as Jacques-Yves Cousteau before. For over 40 years, the explorer of the oceans has traversed the world’s oceans on the “Calypso”. From dpaJune 25, 2022 at 10:50 pm Jacques-Yves Cousteau: “If you want to learn fish, you have to become a fish yourself.” Photo: DPA … Read more

The unemployed and having fun (

The ethos of the play does not live up to the Wesele Photo: UCM.ONE A wedding is approaching, rumors have been circulating for years, this prophecy has almost turned into a constant gag, because the former working-class district, contrary to all forecasts, shows incredible persistence. Fortunately !, the reviewer must exclaim at this point, otherwise … Read more

Captivating and humorous: “Six days in power – on the road in Barcelona” | – culture – film

Status: May 17, 2022 2:20 PM Director Neus Ballús has created a wonderfully laconic comedy about the experiences of three artisans. It is about social inequalities, everyday racism and prejudices. listen to the post 3 minutes by Wallie Mueller The cinema is full of superheroes, we watch biographies of stars, dramas by artists or the … Read more

55 Years of Star Trek: What Techniques Are Now Possible?

Updated 8/9/2021 at 15:26 Fly faster than light, disassemble and reassemble the body or fire up the phaser. What remains 55 years after the first utopia of Star Trek, and what is already reality? More topics related to science and technology can be found here “Cosmos, infinite spaces. The year is 2200. These are the … Read more

Vision from Star Trek: Can you travel faster than light? Scientists say so

Updated on 12/17/2021 at 9:31 AM Science fiction shows us how: in series like Star Trek, spaceships go faster than light. According to the theory of relativity, this cannot and cannot be the case. Is there still a way? Scientists say so. You can find more knowledge topics here He clearly defined the physical boundaries … Read more