Fun at the plant in Dornstetten: Haas and Stahl are swimming in the fountain in the church square – Dornstetten and surroundings

It took 30 people wearing blue, red, yellow and green shirts – Dornstetter didn’t have to be repeated twice and he easily won the established bet. Photo: Gunther Despite the cold and wet weather, the Martinskirche community celebrated a successful festival in the church square. In the case of two prominent participants, it got a … Read more

Erhard Schulz retired: After 45 years, deputy police Nagold is over – Nagold and surroundings

Erhard Schulz (left) and police chief Andreas Bjedov say goodbye. Photo: Noah Schulz Erhard Schulz is perhaps Nagold’s most famous policeman. Now the deputy head of department is retiring. Nagold – Erhard Schulz was a passionate policeman for 45 years. Now he is 63 years old and after three extensions of his term of office, … Read more