Energy – Eon expects energy prices to rise – Economy

Essen (dpa) – Germany’s largest energy supplier Eon expects further increases in electricity and gas prices for end customers. Price pressure dominates all markets, CFO Marc Spieker said Wednesday in Essen. “The only difference is how quickly these price increases are then implemented.” There is no doubt that they would have to come last. Eon … Read more

Gas from Germany: Bundestag delays frack debate – despite energy crisis

DGermany has found itself in a gas crisis and is dependent on Russian supplies, which are being cut back. The emphasis is on Germany’s own resources: beneath Germany lies enormous amounts of natural gas, which geologists say can supply the country for decades. Energy reserves can be used by fracturing. But the previous federal government … Read more

Heaters, electric heating and more: These 2 reasons speak against them

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Energy – With or without VAT? Discussion on the gas fee – economy

Berlin (dpa) – The state can make money from the gas fees imposed by the federal government to ease the burden on importers. Because on Friday it was initially unclear whether VAT would also be due on the cost increase for gas consumers that the government decided the previous evening from October. Both Economy Minister … Read more

Energy – Mainz – Entrepreneurs warn against shutting down industry – economy

Mainz (dpa / lrs) – The Rhineland-Palatinate Business Association described the current energy crisis in Germany as “very dangerous”. “We will all have to cut back and save energy,” said Johannes Heger, president of the State Association of Entrepreneurs of the German Press Agency. Of course, companies would also take part in the usual energy-saving … Read more

The European Commission approves German aid for green heating | Free press

The federal government intends to allocate billions in subsidies to encourage the use of renewable energy in heating production. The green light has now come from Brussels. Brussels. Germany can invest almost EUR 3 billion in the promotion of heating from renewable energy sources. The EU’s competition authority approved aid of € 2.98 billion over … Read more

Habeck expects “several hundred euros for a household”

BAD LAUCHSTADT / BERLIN Economy Minister Robert Habeck expects that the surcharge for gas will cost consumers several hundred euros a year per household. The amount of the contribution has not yet been finalized. But it will be 1.5 to 5 cents per kilowatt hour, a Green politician in Bad Lauchstädt, Saxony-Anhalt, said on Thursday. … Read more

Gas – Habeck on the gas fee: “Several hundred euros per household” – Economy

Bad Lauchstädt / Berlin (dpa) – Economy Minister Robert Habeck expects that due to the gas surcharge, consumers will have to pay several hundred euros per year per household. The amount of the contribution has not yet been finalized. But it will be 1.5 to 5 cents per kilowatt hour, said a green politician in … Read more

Nuclear Power – Dürr: Extending the nuclear period is also a question of solidarity – economics

Berlin (dpa) – Chairman of the FDP parliamentary group, Christian Dürr, sees the extension of the life span of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany as a matter of European solidarity. “Not only Germany is facing a serious energy crisis, but all of Europe,” Dürr told a German news agency. The EU even … Read more

Nuclear energy – continue nuclear energy? No quick decision in sight – economy

Berlin (dpa) – No quick decisions can be expected on the possible further operation of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany after the end of the year. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) initially wants to wait for the results of the second power security stress test. A government spokeswoman said on Monday. She confirmed … Read more