Long Covid: It is being researched – and these are signals of hope

Updated 9/19/2022 at 12:44 There are first indications of the mechanisms by which long carrier activity and associated exhaustion are triggered. The hormone cortisol appears to play a special role as a long cow biomarker. Extensive research is being done into a wide variety of treatment options. So far, however, there is no method available … Read more

Wall Street analyzes employment data: Investors are betting on a buoyant economy

Wall Street analyzes data on job offers Investors focus on a thriving economy 08/07/2022 22:36 The US employment report for June is better than expected. Nevertheless, concerns about further rate hikes remain on Wall Street. According to media reports, Elon Musk is dissatisfied with the news from Twitter – the rate is falling. US stock … Read more

Four toilets for 8.8 million people – economical

The situation is well known: you are somewhere in the middle of nowhere and urgently need to go to the toilet. What to do? For example, you can go to the website pee place take a look and see that in the United States alone there are nearly 200,000, but the closest is over three … Read more

Doordash: The delivery service is disappearing from Germany and relies on Wolt

Business Volt’s trick The Doordash delivery service is disappearing from Germany and still hopes for big business Status: 12:20 | Reading time: 3 minutes The Doordash delivery service has its origins in the USA Source: Getty Images Here you can listen to our WELT podcasts Revocable consent is required for the transmission and processing of … Read more