Ethics: Bundestag advises on euthanasia bills for the first time – politics

A nurse holds a woman’s hand in a nursing home. Today the Bundestag is dealing with concrete proposals to regulate euthanasia in Germany. Photo Sebastian Kahnert / zb / dpa The legal boundaries of euthanasia have been under discussion for years – how does the Bundestag resolve the tension between self-determination and the protection of … Read more

Merkel’s statements about the elections in Thuringia are unconstitutional

48750 In February 2020, Angela Merkel commented on an internal political issue in South Africa: the election of the Prime Minister of Thuringia. Photo: photo alliance / dpa | Kay Nietfeld Former Chancellor Angela Merkel described the election of FDP politician Kemmerich as prime minister of Thuringia as “unforgivable”. It must be “withdrawn.” According to … Read more

As a lawyer in the Bundeswehr administration

A chat with Christian Frick, a lawyer from the Bundeswehr With Dr. Franziska RingReading time: 6 minutes In small talk, we ask lawyers what they do. Today: Christian Frick, lawyer in the Bundeswehr administration, on foreign missions in Mali and Kosovo – and semester breaks at military training grounds. LTO: What do you do? Oberregierungsrat … Read more

Finance – Yes private bankruptcy helps with distress – Economy

Dortmund / Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Illness, unemployment, divorce: There are many reasons why your own financial situation suddenly deteriorates. Those who can no longer pay their bills are actually over-indebted. Personal bankruptcy can then help you out of trouble. However, only a fraction of the people concerned go to consumer bankruptcy to get … Read more

Do professional ranks last forever? – Morning mail in Berlin

Long without work Do professional ranks last forever? If the work experience is long overdue, employees may also have the status of unskilled workers for employers. Picture: dpa Anyone who has been out of work for any length of time still has a degree on paper. Some employers still consider you unskilled. But there are … Read more

Finance – You can do this in case of negative entries in Schufa – Economics

Düsseldorf (dpa / tmn) – Owners often ask for it, banks ask them before granting a loan, and for a new mobile contract it is also usually necessary: ​​a so-called credit report. These are usually those of Schufa, the general loan collateral protection association. If the information is negative, it often means that a new … Read more

Strict requirements for masks in universities – about house rules?

48571 by Felix Flaig May 27, 2022 Masks are no longer compulsory in schools, but at the university? Laws vary and the legal basis is questioned. Can universities claim their residence rights? Photo: arrowsmith2 – While the mask requirement in schools has been lifted, many universities are sticking to it. Mostly based on house … Read more