Low water worries the economy – the economy

The low water on the Rhine does not only have a direct impact on inland navigation. Industrial production may also suffer, experts warn economists – especially against the background of the existing problems. Kiel (dpa) – According to the economist prof. Stefan Kooths of the Kiel Institute for World Economy, the economic consequences of the … Read more

Energy – Eon expects energy prices to rise – Economy

Essen (dpa) – Germany’s largest energy supplier Eon expects further increases in electricity and gas prices for end customers. Price pressure dominates all markets, CFO Marc Spieker said Wednesday in Essen. “The only difference is how quickly these price increases are then implemented.” There is no doubt that they would have to come last. Eon … Read more

Telecommunications – 5G could let drones fly further – Economics

Aldenhoven (dpa) – forefinger, upward gesture, then finger tapping on hand: looks weird as Vodafone developer Mohamed Azzahhafi is standing outside in a test center in Aldenhoven near Aachen (NRW) and moving his hands back and forth . Not far from him, you can see the reason for the gesture in the air: the drone. … Read more

Culinary trip to France: how to bring French cuisine into your home

opinion Sternberg’s Cooking School, Part 62 A culinary summer trip to France Status: 13:39 | Reading time: 4 minutes Sascha and Walter Sternberg During their culinary summer trip, the Stembergs explain how to prepare a Nicoise salad typical of Nice. Source: Bernd Juergens / picture Alliance / chromorange; Sasha Perrone Walter Stemberg and his son … Read more

Retail – Cologne – Slow death of advertising brochures – economy

Cologne (dpa) – More than 28 billion advertising brochures end up in the mailboxes of German households each year: a gigantic flood of paper that often ends up in the garbage can unread. However, there are more and more signs that the era of the flyer is coming to an end. After Germany’s largest hardware … Read more

Garden: Indoor swimming fun: This should be taken into account in the case of outdoor pools

Anyone who wants to play with a bath with a pool to set up in their own garden needs to take into account a few things. Two experts explain what is important. Summer time is bath time. If you want to bypass the lake or pool, you can bring the fun of bathing home in … Read more

Energy – electric mast as a mobile station – simple idea with pitfalls – saving

Markkleeberg (dpa) – Smart farming, autonomous driving, Industry 4.0: digitalisation has great expectations. But it depends on how the expansion of the 5G mobile communication standard is progressing and how the network of radio stations can be more closely interconnected. The power poles, which are already present in large numbers across the country, are also … Read more

Air traffic – chaos at the airport did not happen at the weekend – economy

Hamburg / Düsseldorf (dpa) – As soon as the last day of school is over, for many it means: We’re going on vacation! The summer vacation began in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern over the weekend – meanwhile, the second wave of travel was rolling out in North Rhine-Westphalia. After last week’s chaos, many travelers were concerned. … Read more

Traffic – – Ticket 9 euro successful, overcrowded trains spoil the joy – economy

Essen (dpa / lnw) – A € 9 ticket for nationwide use of local public transport turns out to be a bestseller among North Rhine-Westphalia residents. The inexpensive ticket to the Rhine-Ruhr was very well received in the first three months, according to local transport associations. In the transport association Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) alone, over 1.8 … Read more

Air traffic – Düsseldorf – Almost endless queues at the airports: no improvement? – Business

Düsseldorf / Cologne (dpa / lnw) – According to the trade unionist, long lines at the main airports in North Rhine-Westphalia will still be visible throughout the holiday. Özay Tarim, union secretary responsible for Verdi NRW airports, said there were no signs of an increase in staff numbers at security checkpoints anytime soon. “For the … Read more