Fun at the plant in Dornstetten: Haas and Stahl are swimming in the fountain in the church square – Dornstetten and surroundings

It took 30 people wearing blue, red, yellow and green shirts – Dornstetter didn’t have to be repeated twice and he easily won the established bet. Photo: Gunther Despite the cold and wet weather, the Martinskirche community celebrated a successful festival in the church square. In the case of two prominent participants, it got a … Read more

Voicemail Trend: Not Just Another Voicemail Message! – Digital

send voice messages? With pleasure. receive voice messages? I don’t think so. Many IM users like WhatsApp have an ambivalent relationship with voicemail messages. Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand / dpa “Couldn’t it be shorter?”: Voicemail messages cause frustration for some recipients. Others are satisfied with the personal message. Why are audio messages so polarizing? Berlin – … Read more

Something to laugh at despite the corona crisis: these were the strangest news of 2020 – Baden-Württemberg

Despite the Corona crisis, there have been weird stories in 2020 that make you smile. (icon photo) Photo: dpa / Friso Gentsch Over and over again – even in Corona 2020 – life wrote the most beautiful stories. Many also smile and shake their heads. Selection from Baden-Württemberg: Stuttgart – A handmade motorcycle for the … Read more