Free cancellation due to Corona? The ECJ decides | Free press

A tourist gives up his booking when a pandemic breaks out and travel becomes impossible after a while – do he still have to pay cancellation fees? Karlsruhe. The outbreak of the krone pandemic has frustrated myriad travel plans – can tour operators still charge cancellation fees? The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) tends to … Read more

BGH comments on travel cancellation in the event of a krone outbreak | Free press

Risk areas, entry bans, quarantine requirements: the pandemic has thwarted many vacation plans. Organizers and clients do not always agree on costs. Karlsruhe. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) may today deliver its first Corona judgment on travel law (9am). When the pandemic broke out, the plaintiff canceled an organized trip to Japan, which had … Read more

Amazon is growing stronger than expected – stocks are rising | Free press

High inflation and the end of the online shopping boom during the pandemic are causing problems for Amazon. But the internet giant remains on track to grow. Seattle. The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, increased sales significantly in the second quarter despite high inflation and fears of a recession. Revenues rose 7 percent year-on-year to … Read more

Ill at work – the phenomenon of presentism and its threats | Free press

Taking the blues is easy to explain: don’t go to work, even if you are perfectly healthy. The opposite is called presenteeism: dragging into the office is sick. Has Corona changed anything? Karlsruhe / Konstanz. With a positive corona test, the matter is clear: the office remains a taboo subject. But what if you have … Read more

Fresenius and FMC’s dialysis subsidiary – lower targets | Free press

The health group and the clinic have been suffering from the effects of the pandemic for some time. The bad news doesn’t stop there. Now there is a problem in North America. Bad Homburg. Fresenius health group expects to underperform due to problems at the dialysis subsidiary Fresenius Medical Care (FMC). FMC is suffering from … Read more

Bio as a response to the crisis – opening of the Biofach fair | Free press

During the Corona crisis, organic products were searched like never before. The boom has subsided. However, in the face of new crises, the industry shows resilience and offers solutions for the future. Nuremberg. Despite inflation and reluctance to buy, organic food is still in demand – good news for Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir. “Organic, … Read more

Karlsruhe examines the EU Corona fund | Free press

EU countries want to start afresh after the pandemic with shared debts. But not everything is still in the bag: the Federal Constitutional Court has only given the green light for the time being. Karlsruhe. The coronation pandemic has placed many economic demands on Germany and other EU countries. A huge injection of cash should … Read more

Insurance scammers get more creative – the economy

The forest fire is spreading. A house is also burning not far from there. The owner wants to claim damages from his insurer. But the man is not a victim of a natural disaster, but wanted to take this opportunity to defraud his insurer. That’s why he set fire to his house himself. The attempt … Read more

Industrial companies do not suffer from more sick leaves | Free press

Concerns about another corona wave are growing. The number of sick leaves is also increasing. What does this mean for the country’s industry? Frankfurt. Robert Friedmann saw a doctor recently. The head of the Würth group in Künzelsau, known for its screws, no longer had the mind that masks were still mandatory there. “I had … Read more

Industrial companies feel very little about the greater number of sick leaves – the economy

Health Concerns about another corona wave are growing. The number of sick leaves is also increasing. What does this mean for the country’s industry? From dpaJuly 25, 2022 5:34 a.m. GPs now treat many Covid diseases, but also flu-like symptoms and diarrhea, which are actually seasonal patterns. Photo: DPA Frankfurt (dpa). Robert Friedmann saw a … Read more