Young businesses require English as their official language

04/08/2022 – 13:30 WJD Business Juniors Germany Business Juniors Germany (WJD) today unveiled a five-point plan to recruit skilled workers on Thursday. Among other things, the younger generation in German business is calling for the introduction of English as a second administrative language. By 2030, Germany will face a shortage of five million skilled workers. … Read more

Yellow Pages study: Social media is gaining importance for businesses

02/08/2022 – 10:10 Yellow Pages Marketing Ltd Frankfurt am Main (ots) Corona reinforced the trend that more and more companies are using social channels to communicate with their customers Consumers respond positively to this commitment, but want companies to make even better use of social channels Grocery stores and doctor’s offices did the best with … Read more

oils + fats 2022: Industry meeting on the future of vegetable proteins, edible oils and fats

02/08/2022 – 12:10 OVID, Association of the Oilseed Crops Industry in Germany Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn, Berlin. (ots) The world’s leading trade fair for oils + fats @drinktec 2022 will be held at Messe München from September 12 to 16, 2022. The latest products, services, trends and innovations in vegetable proteins, oils and fats … Read more

The European Union continues to support the YUFE university alliance

07/28/2022 – 14:10 University of Bremen The European Union continues to support the YUFE university alliance The European YUFE alliance (Young Universities for the Future of Europe) continues to be funded by the EU. The European Commission took its decision on Wednesday 27 July 2022. Moreover, the consortium in which the University of Bremen is … Read more

Study: Aromatherapy Relieves Long COVID Symptoms

07/27/2022 – 08:58 PRIMAVERY LIFE Oy-Mittelberg (ots) Essential oils can help patients who suffer from long-term consequences such as exhaustion, trouble concentrating, or symptoms of depression after an acute corona infection. This is the result of a recent study (1) from the USA. The research used a blend of the essential oils of thyme, orange, … Read more

A podcast for business? Medium-sized companies focus on modern communication

07/19/2022 – 08:00 Podcast Mittelstand Munich (ots) 10 million Germans actively listen to podcasts, around 4 million even listen to the program every day. Podcasts are more popular than ever. Not only for entertainment and further education, economics itself has already discovered the advantages of this (client’s) approach. The medium that started in 2004 is … Read more

Energy Basica® for greater efficiency / Thanks to the principle of double action …

07/15/2022 – 10:00 Protina Pharmaceutical GmbH Ismaning Everyone is striving for success in one way or another. Achieving what you’ve always wanted is a good and rewarding feeling. But nothing comes by itself and is not a coincidence, but above all the result of discipline and focusing on your own goals. In order to achieve … Read more

AWS supports the German economy in terms of innovation and growth

08/07/2022 – 11:28 Amazon Online Services Munich (ots) Amazon Web Services (AWS) creates over 600 new jobs in Germany and added economic value of € 11.2 billion[1] for tens of thousands of customers. The German economy is facing a major challenge: new digital technologies are helping companies from all parts of the world to enter … Read more

The KSB Foundation supports STEM education in Hoppstädten-Weiersbach

07/07/2022 – 15:26 Knowledge factory – a company for Germany eV Ludwigshafen (ots) How to build a bridge so that it can be crossed and that it does not collapse? Today, the children of the Hoppstädten-Weiersbach primary school devoted themselves to this topic and built their own bridges as part of the project “KiTec – … Read more

Business promotion of democracy: preferred financial contribution

07/05/2022 – 09:49 Philip Morris Ltd Graefelfing (ots) On the occasion of honoring the awarded projects of the Democracy Promotion Award Power for democracy On July 6, 2022 in Berlin, the opinion research institute Civey, commissioned by Philip Morris GmbH, conducted a survey among 5,000 German citizens for their opinion on the involvement of civil … Read more