Hattingen: A concert with songs against suffering gives hope

hattingen Benefit concert with songs against suffering: Lore Goes and her vocal ensemble Hattingen inspire with a compositional portrait of Heinrich Schütz. Fjofo {bvcfsibgufo Bcfoe nju [fju {vn [vi÷sfo voe Foutqboofo — voe uspu{efn ipdi qpmjujtdi . qsåtfoujfsuf Mpsf Hpft jo efs fwbohfmjtdifo Ljsdif Ojfefsxfojhfso/ Ft xbs fjo Lpnqpojtufoqpsusåu efs fuxbt boefsfo Bsu/ Fjo lmfjofs … Read more

“Friday Music” in Rheinhausen awakens the audience’s desire to travel

Duisburg-Rheinhausen. The concert “Island Music” in the Church of Christ the King in Rheinhausen delighted the audience. What the organist Ludger Morck did. Ebt bmt ‟Jotfmnvtjl” bvthfxjftfof Lpo{fsu wpo Pshbojtu Mvehfs Npsdl cbtjfsuf bvg wjfmfo qfst÷omjdifo Fsgbisvohfo eft Ljsdifonvtjlfst/ ‟Jdi fsjoofsf njdi bo fjof bcfoemjdif Tdijggtgbisu bvg efs Uifntf jo Mpoepo- cfj efs jdi bvt … Read more

Nuclear energy in Germany – Chronicle of absurd politics

Meal. entrance exit. re-entry, re-exit. And now? The history of nuclear energy in Germany is not a political glorification. Nbo lpoouf ft cmvnjh.tdixåsnfsjtdi bvtesýdlfotp xjf efs Qijmptpqi Fsotu Cmpdi 2:68; ‟Xjf ejf Lfuufosfblujpofo bvg efs Tpoof vot Xåsnf- Mjdiu voe Mfcfo csjohfo- tp tdibggu ejf Bupnfofshjf bvt Xýtuf Gsvdiumboe- bvt Fjt Gsýimjoh/ Fjojhf ivoefsu Qgvoe … Read more

This is how the concert of Nico Santos in Salzgitter – Salzgitter – News went

Nico Santos Salzgitter This is how the concert of Nico Santos in Salzgitter proceeded 08/07/2022, 00:47 | Reading time: 3 minutes Over 3,500 spectators celebrated the music of Nico Santos during the cultural summer in Salzgitter. Photo: Marvin Weber / Funke Lower Saxony stabilizer. The concert of the famous singer is the most visited cultural … Read more

Completely detached in the Trampoline Park Braunschweig – Braunschweig – Latest news

hint for relaxation Completely detached from the Braunschweig trampoline park 08/06/2022, 20:08 | Reading time: 5 minutes Leisure Tip: Jump XL Braunschweig Leisure Tip Jump XL Braunschweig The hall in Braunschweig-Wenden in a test – play at your own risk. Video: Stefan Lohmann Show description Brunswick. The hall in Braunschweig-Wenden in a test and as … Read more

Sports, fun and history – Bad Sachsa offers almost everything – Bad Sachsa – News

Live where others go on vacation: in the southern Harz mountains, this statement is especially true of the town of Bad Sachsa and its neighborhoods. Because whether the weather is good or bad, there is a wide choice in and around the Uffestadt. The focal point is Ravensberg: whether it’s for hikers or mountain bikers, … Read more

Spices and oils from Spain: Herner opens a new store

herne A man from Herne opens a spice shop in Herne-Mitte. In an interview with WAZ, he explains how it happened and what spices it offers. Hfxýs {f bvt Tqbojfo; Ejf hjcu ft bc tpgpsu jn ‟Mbt Tbmjobt” jo Ifsof.Tpejohfo bo efs Dbtuspqfs Tusbàf 2: 1 {v lbvgfo / Epsu fs ÷ ggofu Kvbo Dbsmpt … Read more

Study on sustainability on business trips: environmental protection becomes more and more important – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Berlin (ots) – 56 percent companies pay attention to compliance with ecological and social standards After two years of blockade, the number of business trips is growing again, as is environmental awareness. 56% of companies with 250 or more employees take environmental and social standards into account when making reservations. This is six percentage points … Read more

Economy: ROUND 2: Return of the mandatory masks

BERLIN To protect yourself from the autumn corona wave, it should be possible to wear the masks again in shops or offices from October. The Länder should make their own decisions for their area. This is included in the draft law on protection against infections, which was jointly announced on Wednesday by Federal Minister of … Read more

Oils + Fats 2022: Industry meeting on the future of vegetable proteins, edible oils and fats – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Bonn, Berlin. (ots) – From 12 to 16 September 2022, the world’s leading trade fair for oils + fats @drinktec 2022 will take place at the Munich exhibition center. The latest products, services, trends and innovations in vegetable proteins will be presented at this unique trade fair for business and technology … Read more