Guest of the Science Festival “Highlights of Physics” in Regensburg – Regensburger Nachrichten

Ultra-fast physics in Regensburg, a fun opening show and James Bond at gunpoint – all of this awaits visitors to the Science Festival, which begins in Regensburg in mid-September. Among the guests, among others luminary of science prof. dr. Harald Lesch. On September 19, the “Highlights of Physics” science festival begins in Regensburg with a … Read more

Equal Opportunities Through Education: Broken Promises to Growth? – News from Regensburg

From the point of view of child, youth and family policy experts, the promise of promotion is broken in Germany: it is clear that poverty shapes children’s education and that it also affects the education system, he said in the public. expert discussion. During a technical discussion at the Sustainable Development Advisory Parliament on Wednesday … Read more

Power Hour: C40 Recharge Pure Electric – Regensburger Nachrichten

Volvo’s first all-electric crossover! And because Volvo has always cared about the environment in its models in its own way, there is no skin in the C40, the most expressive compact electric vehicle we’ve tested to date. Stylish. The lid for each pot was a clear post-war motto. The consumer dictates what happens and buys … Read more

When will the social professions finally be adequately paid? – News from Regensburg

Social jobs such as nursing pose high levels of stress for many, both mentally and physically, and many wonder why skilled workers are still not properly paid for them.Whether you work as a nurse, in a hospital, or as a nanny at a preschool day care center: in social work, people are challenged excessively, work … Read more

Alsmann: The spice of life and an instrument for the body and stomach – Regensburger Nachrichten

Our exclusive interview with journalist Götz Alsmann from our current issue of the filter. The moderator and lover of Jass talks about her life, love and desire. On June 3, Alsmann and the band will be shown live at the Tent Festival in Lappersdorf. Götz Alsmann is one of the best in the German media … Read more

The cities of eastern Bavaria: Bustling with life against the backdrop of a magnificent historical backdrop – the Regensburger Nachrichten

Great history and a living present: In addition to visiting the metropolis of Regensburg, it is also worth taking excursions to other towns in the region. Read on to find out which cities are especially worthwhile. In East Bavaria, visitors immerse themselves in the past in a special way: spending a holiday in the heart … Read more