Fun at the plant in Dornstetten: Haas and Stahl are swimming in the fountain in the church square – Dornstetten and surroundings

It took 30 people wearing blue, red, yellow and green shirts – Dornstetter didn’t have to be repeated twice and he easily won the established bet. Photo: Gunther Despite the cold and wet weather, the Martinskirche community celebrated a successful festival in the church square. In the case of two prominent participants, it got a … Read more

Necessary pre-emptive strike | Jewish general

The Israeli military operation against the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist organization was originally scheduled for a week. In the end, it only took 66 hours. The ceasefire entered into force late Sunday evening and was followed by the press release. In view of the direct threat to civilians in southern Israel from PIJ rockets, … Read more

“curls and hooked nose” | Jewish general

Comedian Nizar Akremi only needs to say one word: “Jews.” It is enough to evoke laughter and applause from the audience. “Jews have restaurants,” he later announces. “Don’t worry, it’s all completely harmless,” she says. Akremi tells how he once met a Jewish owner of an Israeli restaurant. However, this description will not remain harmless. … Read more

Science is the key | Jewish general

Aaron Ciechanover enters the hotel lobby with a bagel. He likes to be here, says the 74-year-old, looking out the window at Lake Constance. He was a frequent guest in Lindau, where every June young scientists from all over the world meet for exchanges with Nobel laureates. Aaron Ciechanover belongs to this special group. In … Read more

From trial training to professional training | Jewish general

When it comes to water polo, you need a lot of shape – after all, the game is four times eight minutes long. That means 32 minutes where you have to swim back and forth all the time. In addition to fitness, complex movement sequences are a real challenge. The difficulty is getting out of … Read more

Open your eyes! | Jewish general

Our weekly episode deals with Korah’s attack on the authority and leadership of Moses and Aaron. Korach and his men rebellion against these two – the result is known, it is catastrophic. Gd punishes an attempted coup and causes the earth to consume Korah, his followers and their families: “They and all of them have … Read more

Pioneer | Jewish general

September 15, 2020 changed the life of Michał Divon. On that day, the “Abrahamic Accords” was signed in front of the White House in Washington, a treaty that sealed peace and the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). “When I heard on the radio that the Abrahamic Accords … Read more

The motives of the anti-Semitic attacks varied

The attack by a German right-wing terrorist on the synagogue in Halle or the allegedly thwarted attack by a 16-year-old Syrian on a church in Hagen are just two examples that show: for Jews, but also for people perceived as Jewish, Germany is at risk of falling victim to violent anti-Semitism. In this context, the … Read more