10/11 September: Festivals, concerts and more – that’s what happened in the region over the weekend – region and country

Headliner Rae Garvey has 15,000 fans under his control from the first moment on “On Air Holiday 1”. Photo: Happiness After a two-year hiatus in Corona, the region hosted many festivals, concerts and other events last weekend. Choice. Whether it’s a village festival, market or concert: there was a lot to offer in the region … Read more

A new episode of the Siege der Medizin pharmacy podcast: Let there be light

Baierbrunn (ots) – Most of our sensory impressions are transmitted through the eyes – a sensual organ that has always fascinated people. Thousands of years ago, healers achieved amazing “victories in medicine”, as the new episode of the Apotheken Umschau medical-historical podcast is impressive and very vivid. The eye is perhaps one of the most … Read more

The Autobahn app is only partially usable even after a year | Free press

The Autobahn app was presented as “a milestone in the digitization of transport”. But even twelve months later, drivers and experts are still questioning the meaning of the proposal. Berlin. The concept of the Autobahn app made sense: Autobahn GmbH des Bundes should not keep a wealth of data about the current state of the … Read more