Trash TV puts an end to Bastian Yotta

“Celebrities Under the Palm Trees” may have been Bastian Yotta’s last junk TV format in Germany. Sat 1 / Richard Hübner This challenge was his last in front of a larger audience. The fact that he won was just a minor matter for many viewers anyway. The victory in Sat.1 “Celebrities under the palm trees” … Read more

No more “greatness next door”, no more Sat.1, no more TV! Now it’s so hard to settle accounts with your sender!

Hugo Egon Balder, Hella von Sinnen and Wigald Boning put an end to “Ingenious next to it”. Sat 1 / Willi Weber Hugo Egon Balder breaks up. From “Ingenious next to it”, from Sat.1, with TV as a whole. And she settles accounts with her longtime home station. In his own words, the moderator no … Read more