At the Dachshund Club in Bracht, dogs learn for the exam

August 12, 2022 at 4:03 pm A visit to the Dachshund Club in Bracht : On short dachshunds for the dog test Now things are getting serious for dachshunds and owners: Judge Susan Alenin is with them in the forest during the test. Now the animals have to show what they have learned. Photo: bigi … Read more

Mick Schumacher in Baku: “Does he want to kill us?” / Formula 1

Ironically, on the tough and fast street track in Baku, Mick Schumacher refers to: Another accident like the one in Monaco is out of the question. Because a week after the Azerbaijan GP, ​​Formula 1 takes place in Canada. Mick Schumacher needs a sense of achievement after Monaco. After his second major accident in 2022 … Read more

Formula 1 in Monaco: “Ferrari, no more shame” / Formula 1

Ferrari rejected the Monaco GP win due to strategic mistakes. But the Reds have moved away from fat – especially at home. Ferrari blithely lost a possible double victory at the Monaco GP. There was criticism for that, especially at home. “Ferrari, no more shame!” demands Tuttosport. Leclerc dominates the race but team mistakes puts … Read more