Low water worries the economy – the economy

The low water on the Rhine does not only have a direct impact on inland navigation. Industrial production may also suffer, experts warn economists – especially against the background of the existing problems. Kiel (dpa) – According to the economist prof. Stefan Kooths of the Kiel Institute for World Economy, the economic consequences of the … Read more

Low water levels are worrying the economy

Status: 08:35 | Reading time: 3 minutes It has hardly been raining for weeks, the water level is dropping, the coastal areas are drying up and new islands are appearing. Low water is increasingly affecting inland navigation across the country. Source: Thomas Frey / dpa The low water on the Rhine does not only have … Read more

Tschentscher calls for greater involvement by the federal government in favor of German ports

HAMBURG Hamburg mayor Peter Tschentscher asked the federal government to do more for German seaports. “Other countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, have a national port strategy,” an SPD politician told a German news agency. They took a targeted approach and supported their main ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp while involving other port locations. … Read more

Dockers’ strike exacerbates traffic jams in the North Sea | Free press

In some sectors, relatively few workers can paralyze a large mechanism – this is also the case in ports, import and export hubs. The consequences of the recent warning strike are now becoming apparent. Hamburg / Kiel. Last week’s 48-hour dockers’ strike caused traffic jams on container ships in the North Sea to escalate again. … Read more

IWT masters may only load vessels halfway | Free press

Thanks to the cargo ships on the Rhine, you can see a lot of space on the ship these days. This is because the load is much lighter than usual, which is in some ways the responsibility of Peter. Duisburg. The drought is severely restricting cargo shipping activities on the Rhine and other rivers in … Read more

Port logisticians want to stop the strike in court | Free press

In some sectors, just a few workers can paralyze a large mechanism – and this is also the case in ports. As import and export centers, they usually ensure the efficient handling of goods. Hamburg / Bremerhaven. After the largest strike in decades, thousands of port workers again blocked cargo ship operations in German North … Read more

No agreement in collective dispute over wages of port workers. Free press

That’s only about 12,000 employees. However, they can paralyze the handling of containers in ports – and thus in the central import and export hubs of the German economy. Hamburg. There is still no agreement in the dispute over the wages of dockers in major German North Sea ports. As a result, the largest German … Read more