Infrared light for charging: “This technology could make charging cables superfluous”

Science wireless technology “This technology could make charging cables redundant” From 2:22 pm | Reading time: 3 minutes Inductive smartphone charging Source: Getty Images It’s a dream for technicians and smartphone users to be able to charge their mobile devices anywhere in the room without using a cable. However, inductive charging technologies have their limitations. … Read more

This is how Sennheiser’s first sports headphones do

With Sennheiser SPORT True Wireless, Sennheiser offers for the first time in-ear headphones specifically for sports activities. I was able to try them out for several months. Sennheiser now has a range of in-ear headphones in several price ranges. As you can see from my previous tests, all of them have largely convinced me so … Read more

Gastronomy Hamburg: If only card payment is possible in the restaurant?

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