Regional aircraft with ecological engines – economical

Regional aircraft with ecological engines – economical

It was supposed to be the beginning of the golden age, almost exactly 20 years ago. In a hangar at the special airport Oberpfaffenhofen, Fairchild Dornier presented the first prototype 728JET, A 70-seat airplane that will revolutionize regional air travel. But a little later, the traditional manufacturer, based on the old Luftfahrt Dornier, went bankrupt. … Read more

Glyphosate in honey: beekeepers get compensation – economy

Joy is still held back. “I am happy about the success on stage. It’s nice to hear we’re right, ”says Sebastian Seusing, 48, on the phone. He doesn’t know if the accused will go to the next instance. Seuse became cautious, the process dragged on too long. The District Court in Frankfurt (Oder) agreed on … Read more

Child’s Game of the Year 2022: “The Good Loser is Still Having Fun” – Panorama

Austrian Wolfgang Warsch, 42, has only been working full-time as a game inventor since 2018. Now, for the first time, he has released two games for kids: “Also smart” and “Z Quacks & Co. to Quedlinburg ”were nominated for the“ Children’s Games of the Year 2022 ”. Yet another, “Magic Mountain” by Jens-Peter Schliemann and … Read more

“I could hire 20 people right away” – Biznes

She’s back. Official permission to meet and celebrate hundreds or even thousands. From the end of March, major events were allowed again. Less than two months earlier, and the big scenes are twisted and re-acted. After two years of stagnation, the organizers of outdoor festivals, concerts and folklore festivals are putting together a strictly organized … Read more

Energy – the coalition argues for additional relief for citizens – the economy

Berlin (dpa) – The traffic light coalition argues over additional relief for citizens from soaring energy and food prices. Greens leader Ricarda Lang told Bild am Sonntag: “There will be further relief. The increased gas and electricity prices have not yet fully reached the people.” Like SPD leader Saskia Esken before him, Lang challenged Finance … Read more

Forsch and Munich Science Days in Theresienhöhe – Munich

Can learning be fun? Well I guess it depends entirely on the speakers. At least the signs are good when chemist Marc-Denis Weitze, director of communication at the German Academy of Sciences and Engineering (akatech), cabaret artist and musician Ecco Meinecke, professor Georg Eggers alias “Grög” of the Munich University of Applied Sciences, surgeon Jeannine … Read more

Training time for employees: What questions are still open – Economics

Training – This term may sound pleasant to many managers. It promises better qualified employees, more opportunities and maybe even more motivation. However, many employees don’t explode as qualification measures draw near. Further training can also be seen as a nuisance (“What do they want now?”) And as a compulsion to adapt to new requirements. … Read more

Doctors’ concert at the Olympic Stadium in Munich: Royal Summary – Munich

Admittedly, the ticket says that you are not allowed to bring Nazis with you Doctors-A concert at the Olympic Stadium in Munich in very, very small letters. Somewhere among the also prohibited cans, animals and pyrotechnics are listed. Nevertheless, on this summer evening in Munich, doctors repeatedly emphasize that the stadium is now a Nazi-free … Read more

ECB interest rate policy: Why does the central bank have to beat now – Economy

Most people probably don’t care too much about the prices of Italian government bonds. They have other concerns such as high inflation. To combat rising prices, the European Central Bank started a new course last week. The key interest rate will increase, further bond purchases have ended. Finally, it has to be said, because the … Read more

New Airbus: greater range gives greater market share – economy class

Wednesday was a special day for Airbus employees at the Hamburg-Finkenwerder factory. Just before eleven o’clock, many of them dropped everything and went on the short hike towards the runway. At the end of the line was a white painted Airbus, which accelerated to take off punctually at eleven o’clock before disappearing towards the North … Read more