DER Touristik: unflagging willingness to travel despite high inflation | Free press

After two years of the Corona crisis, business at DER Touristik is in full swing. In times of high inflation, customers now benefit from the purchasing policy of tour operators. Frankfurt am Main. According to the experiences of the tourist group DER Touristik, high inflation and chaos at airports have not weakened the willingness to … Read more

Spain’s sun becomes an economic factor | Economy | DW

Everyone who traveled in Spain was surprised that not all roofs were covered with solar cells. The country offers 3,000 hours of sunshine a year – Germany only has 1,600. Málaga, Murcia and Alicante are among the eleven Spanish cities with the most sunlight in Europe, according to a study by the Spanish solar lobby … Read more

Karlsruhe examines the EU Corona fund | Free press

EU countries want to start afresh after the pandemic with shared debts. But not everything is still in the bag: the Federal Constitutional Court has only given the green light for the time being. Karlsruhe. The coronation pandemic has placed many economic demands on Germany and other EU countries. A huge injection of cash should … Read more

Car Rental Price: Sudden Trend Reversal – How to Get Deals

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Ballermann hits: is Julian Sommer’s summer hit 22 coming? – Game

Vocalist Julian Sommer starts with “Dicht im Flieger”. Photo: Joey Cziesla / umusic / dpa “Tight on the plane – it doesn’t matter, because my head only does La”: excerpt from the now popular drunken song of singer Julian Sommer. Will 2022 be the summer of Ballermann hits? Palma de Mallorca – In the film, … Read more

Travel chaos: what makes Spain better? | Economy | DW

So far my brother Wolfgang had a rather negative image of the Spaniards: they like to party, they come too late and they are badly organized. But since his last stay in Madrid, he has had to rethink his stereotypes, including about Germany. On the last Saturday of June, he arrived at Düsseldorf airport three … Read more

Inactivity comes at a high cost for business and governments

Athletic Citizens Are Cheaper: The Global Health & Fitness Alliance (GHFA), in partnership with IHRSA, has published a Deloitte report showing the social and economic value of the global health and fitness industry. The most important facts at a glance: Here we go! Background and Details: Report “Economic health and social well-being: quantify the impact … Read more

Spain needs more support for SMEs | Economy | DW

“Thank you Herbert!” The Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, likes to refer to the press by name to express special closeness. The Spanish socialist, who has been in office since 2018, wants to sustainably rebuild the economy for the EUR 140 billion that Spain is entitled to from EU Next Generation funds. However, so … Read more

Radio Academy: Iñigo – looking for clues (4)

In May, we followed in the footsteps of an extraordinary personality: Ignacy Loyola. The founder of the Jesuit Order and the Counter-Reformer was not a “normal” saint, but led a rich life. In May, we follow in the footsteps of an extraordinary personality: Ignacy von Loyola. The founder of the Jesuit Order was not a … Read more

Holidays: Spain’s dream beaches – where swimming is especially fun

Holiday “Blue Flag”: record of awards for beaches in Spain 17/05/2022, 12:10 | Reading time: 4 minutes Low season vacations: best destinations for a cheap trip Low season vacations: best destinations for a cheap trip If you are planning a vacation outside of the summer season, you can travel much cheaper. Here is an overview. … Read more