Put on pink glasses and have fun

Paramedics treat “beer corpse” at “five-minute intervals” 17:53: The number of “beer corpses” to be treated at the Oktoberfest is increasing. This was said by a spokesman for the Aicher Ambulance medical station, Markus Strobl. According to him, paramedics dealt with people who looked too deep into the glass “every five minutes”. “It fills up,” … Read more

New Crown Rules: Economic fears are in chaos again

Berlin Masks, vaccinations and tests – the traffic light row relies on this triad in its canopy protection plan for fall. What sounds simple in principle, however, fuels fears of further regulatory chaos in the economy. “The plans are simply not feasible,” said Ingrid Hartges, Handelsblatt, CEO of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga). … Read more

Scholz is under pressure in a tax affair in Hamburg

BERLIN / HAMBURG According to left-wing chairman Norbert Hackbusch, the investigation files available to committee members show that over 200,000 euros in cash were found in a locker belonging to former Bundestag member of the SPD, Johannes Kahrs. It was first reported by the newspaper “Bild”. Kahrs was not yet available for commentary. According to … Read more

Lindner: An Excessive Profit Tax Can Do More Harm Than Help | Free press

Should companies with high additional profits be additionally taxed? The Finance Minister describes the idea as “arbitrary”. However, according to a poll, most citizens disagree. Berlin. According to Finance Minister Christian Lindner, introducing a special tax on high additional profits from energy companies could do more harm than good. Companies in Germany already pay very … Read more

Economics: CONCLUSION: Study on the Disposal of Radioactive Waste on the Weser: Interim Disposal would be faster

BEVERUNGEN / SALZGITTER State governments particularly highlighted one of the investigation’s findings: disposal of low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste would also be possible without the controversial repository. In particular, the study shows that the investigation showed that “with appropriate prior planning of the container reception, the Konrad repository can be loaded with and without a … Read more

Economy: ROUND 2: Return of the mandatory masks

BERLIN To protect yourself from the autumn corona wave, it should be possible to wear the masks again in shops or offices from October. The Länder should make their own decisions for their area. This is included in the draft law on protection against infections, which was jointly announced on Wednesday by Federal Minister of … Read more

Tschentscher calls for greater involvement by the federal government in favor of German ports

HAMBURG Hamburg mayor Peter Tschentscher asked the federal government to do more for German seaports. “Other countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, have a national port strategy,” an SPD politician told a German news agency. They took a targeted approach and supported their main ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp while involving other port locations. … Read more

Agreed Action: End of the Class Struggle (nd-aktuell.de)

At the first “Concerted Action” meeting: DGB chairman Yasmin Fahimi, BDA chief Rainer Dulger and Chancellor Olaf Scholz (from left to right) Photo: IMAGO / Ute Grabowsky Together through the crisis! This was the motto of IG Metall during the 2008/09 financial and economic crisis. On the one hand, this meant that companies and employees … Read more

Increase in costs puts the craft industry in a difficult situation | Free press

Rising material and energy costs are causing problems for craft businesses. This makes the calculation of costs difficult. According to the association, companies make a minus on many orders. Berlin. Craft CEO Hans Peter Wollseifer sees companies in the industry in a difficult situation. “Firms and businesses in the industry are very concerned about the … Read more

Annual tax law 2022: Lindner distributes tax sweets

ANDThe annual tax act of 2022 is a real treat for taxpayers. These include a full deduction of pension contributions as early as next year, better amortization conditions for future owners, a higher savings allowance and an increased training allowance. But at least as interesting as what Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) wrote in the … Read more