These cities are competing for the incubator

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Silicon Valley Bank provides a $ 100 million Re: cap credit line

Silicon Valley Bank The bank has already financed over 30,000 start-ups. (Photo: ddp images / Kris Tripplaar /) New York, Frankfurt Berlin’s start-up financing platform Recap, founded in 2021, has the potential to significantly expand its operations. This is made possible by a $ 100 million (approximately € 95 million) credit line provided by Silicon … Read more

Start-ups in France: Macron puts reasons first – the economy

Peaceful atmosphere in the Station F business incubator in Paris Photo: Jerome Galland France wants to be at the forefront as a location for innovation. The founders in Baden-Württemberg looked at the very French combination of fiber optics and a culture of indulgence – and the French president who sees start-ups as the key to … Read more

Face the pandemic: social startups are proving to be solid

Take on the pandemic Social startups turn out to be solid 01/14/2022 13:32 In a crown pandemic, even well-known, traditional companies are struggling to survive. However, the situation is even more difficult for many startups that are trying not only to earn, but also to make the world a little better. Shortly before the corona … Read more

Quantum computing expert: “Germany is a world leader in basic research”

Tommaso Calarco heads the Quantum Control Institute at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, where one of the largest quantum computer centers in Europe is currently under construction. In an interview, he explains why Germany is the world leader in basic research. Calarco is considered an important network creator in European quantum research. As a member of the … Read more

Burgers teach counting and arithmetic on the dial

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Start-up Hundrunde helps animals in Romania

ANDn There are several million street dogs in Europe. They lack water, shelter and medical care. Dog group Luis Kesten & Fabio Lehnert GbR, founded in 2019, helps suffering dogs in Romania; the situation is particularly bad there. A social start-up wants to show that money can be earned in a social and environmentally friendly … Read more

Quantagonia wants supercomputers to be fit for everyday use

M.All you have to do is imagine the storm, says Dirk Zechiel: Many trains are delayed or canceled, full on-call schedule, when will which train will arrive and which staff is available, where exactly – everything is gone. The computer now needs to calculate this in real time, says Zechiel, an expert in artificial intelligence … Read more