Scholz is under pressure in a tax affair in Hamburg

BERLIN / HAMBURG According to left-wing chairman Norbert Hackbusch, the investigation files available to committee members show that over 200,000 euros in cash were found in a locker belonging to former Bundestag member of the SPD, Johannes Kahrs. It was first reported by the newspaper “Bild”. Kahrs was not yet available for commentary. According to … Read more

The federal government wants to cut back on subsidies for electric cars

BERLIN From next year, buyers of purely electric cars will receive less support from the state – the pool of subsidies is to be limited. Subsidies for plug-in hybrid vehicles are expected to expire later this year. The federal government has agreed to a fundamental funding reform, the Economy Ministry announced on Tuesday. Minister of … Read more

The Greens and the FDP for the purchase of firefighting planes

BERLIN There are no publicly owned firefighting planes in Germany. If states and municipalities need aerial support in the event of vegetation fires, they are asking for administrative assistance so that the Bundeswehr or the federal police can send helicopters with water tanks. For example, last June, federal police reported that it dropped more than … Read more

Economics: Main Route Dispute Munich: New Cost-Benefit Analysis by October

MUNICH The cost-benefit analysis examines whether the investments can also be expected to yield an economically viable return. The economic, social and environmental economic consequences are also taken into account. This is how the profitability of the investment is determined. Construction is a joint project, incl. Deutsche Bahn, the Free State of Bavaria, the city … Read more

These dates are for 2020 and 2021.

Berlin The tax return deadline is July 31, 2019. Actually. Because everyone who was supposed to file a tax return for 2020 had to the end of July instead of the end of October 2021 time. May 31, 2022 was actually an extended deadline for submitting a tax return for 2020 submitted through a tax … Read more

Economics: OVERALL SUMMARY: Scholz is concerned about “social explosives”

BERLIN He is very concerned about rising energy prices, Scholz said. “Because citizens have to deal with life, and if the heating bill suddenly rises by a few hundred euros, that’s a sum that many cannot cope with. It’s socially explosive. “ When asked about the DGB’s proposal for an energy price cap, Scholz said: … Read more

FDP ministers want to spice up stocks in Germany

BERLIN / FRANKFURT FDP federal ministers Christian Lindner (finance) and Marco Buschmann (justice) want to make stakes in Germany more attractive with a broad package of measures. “We want to strengthen the culture of action in Germany,” Lindner said Wednesday in Berlin. “Securities are not for millionaires, securities are for millions.” For that to happen, … Read more

What the EU’s climate protection package will bring to businesses and citizens

Brussels The dispute in the German traffic light coalition stopped the highly symbolic fight for the internal combustion engine until the end, and with it the fundamental decision on the entire package of climate protection measures. But now the positions that EU member states agreed on Wednesday night are available. It is true that no … Read more

Tax on excess profits for oil companies – state supporters plan to attack the free market economy

According to her own website, Ricarda Lang, co-president of the Greens, studied law for 15 semesters – without a degree. He cites “women’s policy, welfare and health, social security and a diverse society” as “the subject of the heart”. So she has not lost her heart to the economy. Nevertheless, Obergrünen managed to make a … Read more