Biomedical technology as a research area of ​​great importance for the future

The private university UMIT TIROL is organizing BMT 2022 – the largest scientific conference on medical technology in the German-speaking area Hall in Tirol (OTS) – The most important scientific conference on medical technology in German-speaking countries will take place from 28 September to 30 September 2022 at the Congress in Innsbruck. At the Congress … Read more

The Missing Link: Welcome to Planet B – Ars Electronica, a festival in motion

After two years dominated by a pandemic, this year the Ars Electronica Festival has almost returned to its former glory and fullness with 71,000 visitors and 953 artists, scientists and students from 76 countries. Linz seemed to shake off his fear of the crown, even on the tram, only a few masked faces could be … Read more

“The unique research and transfer network ensures the global marketability of German medium-sized companies” / prof. Michael Bruno Klein from September 1, 2022 General Director of AiF

Cologne (ots) – Professor Michael Bruno Klein (57) has been the General Director of the AiF Industrial Research Associations working group “Otto von Guericke” eV ( since September 1, 2022. As a research and transfer network for medium-sized enterprises, AiF coordinates the promotion of application-oriented research for small and medium-sized enterprises in Germany in cooperation … Read more

Research on the energy transformation

September 5, 2022 at 5:15 a.m. series of tests : Research on the energy transformation “Metals are the guarantors of progress in human civilization” – says the director of the institute, prof. Dierk Raabe. Photo: Frank Vinken | dwb series Düsseldorf Iron Research Institute Max Planck experimenting with green hydrogen. Steel production can be revolutionized. … Read more

Fly me to the moon – public presentation of the Artemis 1 launch at the Technical Museum in Vienna

Live broadcast and panel discussion on the launch of the Artemis lunar mission on August 29, 2022 Vienna (OTS) – More than 50 years after humans first set foot on the moon, NASA returns to the moon with a new international space program. The goal of the Artemis mission is not only to establish a … Read more

Indian humanitarian and spiritual figure Mata Amritanandamayi (Amma) …

08/25/2022 – 11:26 Amrita eV Association, India Help Berlin (ots) This Amrita Hospital in Faridabad India’s largest private hospital is located in the outskirts of Delhi in Faridabad, with 2,400 beds. The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi, as well as numerous politicians, diplomats and representatives of universities and hospitals took part in the opening … Read more

Zoology: The Evolution of the Bird’s Brain

© WitmerLab at Ohio University (details) No sparrow’s brain | Corvids, such as the annual crow, are characterized by a particularly large brain. Scaled brains With this economy of scale in mind, relative brain size can be used as a measure of intelligence that is otherwise difficult to quantify in animals. A greater relative mass … Read more

Energy – Greifswald – Science from the sun: Wendelstein 7-X is looking for a new energy source – Economics

Greifswald (dpa) – With the official completion of the reconstruction, the large research facility Wendelstein 7-X enters a new experimental phase. Now it’s about continuous work. “This is a real mission,” said physicist and project manager Thomas Klinger on Tuesday. “The Wendelstein 7-X is ready.” The prospect of further new discoveries for alternative energy generation … Read more

Business editor (m / f / d) | Free press

Freie Presse is the largest daily newspaper in Saxony. Our vision: We are at home! With our digital products and daily newspaper, we rely on precise research, different perspectives and attractive economic reporting for the Chemnitz region. And it is on all channels. We are currently looking for a full time editor (m / f … Read more

Significant increases on the stock exchange – the strongest July since 2016 | Free press

Frankfurt am Main. Thanks to solid gains on Friday, the German stock exchange recorded an amicable end of the week and a strong end of the month. Unexpectedly good quarterly reports by the American heavyweight giants Amazon and Apple put investors in a good mood. In Germany as well, some good company performance gave positive … Read more