How much is our economy dependent on China?

In Saxony, on the other hand, new settlements from China are “rather rare,” according to the Saxon Ministry of the Economy. This is also evidenced by the investment amounts from China, which were supported by state subsidies from the GRW (“Community task: improvement of the regional economic structure”). While Saxony has subsidized investments from China … Read more

There is an ongoing social debate – Erfurt – compulsory service: Ramelow insists on peace – economy

Berlin (dpa) – In the debate initiated by federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier about compulsory social service, critics of this idea called for the strengthening of volunteering. After members of the traffic light coalition, representatives of trade unions and social organizations also expressed their opposition to the compulsory social service – it was approved by the … Read more

Energy Crisis: Watering Can End Principle – Habeck endorses Lindner’s position

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Concerts: The musical summer is coming – Thuringia

Benjamin Schmidt At the beginning of the “Concerts in Wartburg” series, violinist Benjamin Schmid, an Austrian artist who combines classical music with jazz, meets Diknu Schneeberger. Gypsy jazz guitarist convinces with excellent technique and energetic improvisations. The Schneeberger trio also includes Julian Wohlmuth (rhythm guitar) and Martin Heinzle (double bass). Wartburg (8th July | 19:30) … Read more

Bahn – Erfurt – “everything relaxed” to start the ticket 9 euro: fuel cheaper – economy

Jena / Erfurt (dpa / th) – At the start of the 9 euro ticket there was initially no rush for buses and trains in Thuringia. At Thuringia’s largest transport hub, Erfurt’s main train station, traffic was normal on Wednesday morning. The trains and trams were not overcrowded than usual, and drivers in Bavaria could … Read more