IG Metall threatens wind turbine manufacturer Vestas with a warning strike | Free press

Germany is facing a boom in renewable energy. It is connected with the hope for the “miracle of green work”. From the IG Metall point of view, however, there is a catch. Hamburg. In a dispute over a collective agreement, IG Metall is threatening a German subsidiary of the Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas with … Read more

New alert at Munich airport | Free press

Munich Airport warns of flight cancellations and delays. The Verdi union has called for a warning strike. Munich. Two weeks after a successful warning strike by Lufthansa ground staff in the middle of the summer holidays, the Verdi union is again calling for a warning strike at Munich airport. The destination is now the ground … Read more

Contract: Lufthansa Ground Staff Wages Higher | Free press

Verdi pushed through double-digit salary increases for Lufthansa ground staff. Lufthansa pays a lot for the much needed industrial peace of mind. Frankfurt am Main. Lufthansa passengers no longer have to fear further strikes by ground staff. The company and the Verdi union agreed on a collective agreement for 18 months on Thursday night. The … Read more

Despite strikes and flight chaos: Lufthansa on a profit-for-profit course | Free press

Despite all the problems with the restart, Lufthansa made a profit in the second quarter. Meanwhile, collective bargaining between the group and Verdi has so far failed. Frankfurt am Main. Despite the constant threat of strikes and chaos in airport service, Lufthansa has returned to profitability. While the company delegations and Verdi were just meters … Read more

Heathrow air chaos: a dispute between the airport and the airlines Free press

Canceled flights, long lines: chaos is now at many airports. The situation in London Heathrow is particularly difficult. The airport responds – and turns the airlines against it. London. Short-term vacation travel is becoming increasingly complex and costly for UK vacationers. The UK’s largest airline, British Airways, will no longer be selling new short-haul tickets … Read more

Verdi expects higher bid from Lufthansa after warning strike | Free press

With a nationwide warning strike, Verdi crippled almost the entire Lufthansa flight program on Wednesday. Now the union is putting more pressure on them – and is referring to warning strikes at the height of the travel season. Berlin / Frankfurt (dpa) -. Following a nationwide warning strike at Lufthansa, the Verdi union expects the … Read more

Self-employed persons may voluntarily join the professional association – economy

Every roofer knows this fear: a moment of inattention and loses his balance and falls off the roof. The next station is the hospital. There, the accident is dealt with by the accident insurance physician responsible for accidents at work. The statutory accident insurance then takes over the responsibility for the further treatment and rehabilitation … Read more

Seaport operators call on Verdi to compromise | Free press

The port companies and Verdi fought for a new collective agreement for seven rounds of negotiations without success. Result: violent blows. Employers are now appealing to both sides. Hamburg. In a fierce dispute over collective wages for port workers, employers called on the Verdi union to compromise. A compromise must be found “in the sense … Read more

Dockers’ strike exacerbates traffic jams in the North Sea | Free press

In some sectors, relatively few workers can paralyze a large mechanism – this is also the case in ports, import and export hubs. The consequences of the recent warning strike are now becoming apparent. Hamburg / Kiel. Last week’s 48-hour dockers’ strike caused traffic jams on container ships in the North Sea to escalate again. … Read more

Pilots and SAS airlines agree a wage dispute | Free press

The negotiations were long and difficult – but now a new collective agreement has been agreed. There is also good news for many of the released pilots. Stockholm. SAS and the Scandinavian pilots’ unions settled the wage dispute after a good two weeks. The pilots’ strike is over, the company said early Tuesday morning. Air … Read more