The first title “after Lewandowski”: FC Bayern does not need a muddy fight

“Not true,” FC Bayern has reportedly said, Robert Lewandowski is sending the accusation to Munich. As a result, the new Catalan becomes the subject of his former club’s triumph in the Super Cup. Julian Nagelsmann tries to moderate the escalation – and the departure is almost imperceptible in sports anyway. Julian Nagelsmann did not want … Read more

Former DFB star has no future: Borussia Dortmund founds the training group Schulz

Former DFB star has no future Borussia Dortmund establishes the Schulz training group By Stephan Uersfeld 12/7/2022, 15:28 The last three years in Nico Schulz’s life as a footballer have been a continual leap. After listing with a market value of € 25 million, it drops below any cryptocurrency in a blink of an eye. … Read more