Low water worries the economy – the economy

The low water on the Rhine does not only have a direct impact on inland navigation. Industrial production may also suffer, experts warn economists – especially against the background of the existing problems. Kiel (dpa) – According to the economist prof. Stefan Kooths of the Kiel Institute for World Economy, the economic consequences of the … Read more

Economics: ROUND: 9-euro ticket bait on the bus and train

BERLIN / MUNICH “In fact, the data is still very sparse,” says Philipp Kosok, a movement researcher in the Agora Verkehrswende interest group. “We know very little so far.” He knows little more than a few studies that meet scientific standards. Research confirms the ticket’s success in terms of its own marketing. “Almost 98 percent … Read more

Economy: ROUND 2: Return of the mandatory masks

BERLIN To protect yourself from the autumn corona wave, it should be possible to wear the masks again in shops or offices from October. The Länder should make their own decisions for their area. This is included in the draft law on protection against infections, which was jointly announced on Wednesday by Federal Minister of … Read more

Tschentscher calls for greater involvement by the federal government in favor of German ports

HAMBURG Hamburg mayor Peter Tschentscher asked the federal government to do more for German seaports. “Other countries, such as Belgium and the Netherlands, have a national port strategy,” an SPD politician told a German news agency. They took a targeted approach and supported their main ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp while involving other port locations. … Read more

Astara continues to expand ISUZU’s operations in Europe: The new joint venture will be part of …

07/26/2022 – 14:07 Astara Madrid (ots) Astara has signed an agreement with its joint venture partners to take over ISUZU’s trading activities in Germany and Austria (D-MAX and N-Series), the Czech Republic and Slovakia (D-MAX). ISUZU Sales Deutschland GmbH, which is responsible for sales in four countries, will become part of Astara Western Europe, which … Read more

The Greens and the FDP for the purchase of firefighting planes

BERLIN There are no publicly owned firefighting planes in Germany. If states and municipalities need aerial support in the event of vegetation fires, they are asking for administrative assistance so that the Bundeswehr or the federal police can send helicopters with water tanks. For example, last June, federal police reported that it dropped more than … Read more

Economics: Main Route Dispute Munich: New Cost-Benefit Analysis by October

MUNICH The cost-benefit analysis examines whether the investments can also be expected to yield an economically viable return. The economic, social and environmental economic consequences are also taken into account. This is how the profitability of the investment is determined. Construction is a joint project, incl. Deutsche Bahn, the Free State of Bavaria, the city … Read more

How do motorsport and sustainability go hand in hand?

July 2, 2022 at 18:39 Sustainable development in motorsport : Where Formula 1 is all by itself when it comes to climate protection Information Formula 1 Race Calendar 2022 Photo: dpa / Georg Hochmuth Düsseldorf By comparison, Formula 1 is not as harmful to the environment as you might think. However, looking at the industry … Read more

Transport: Mission Mainstream – Cities Want to Create Freight Bikes – Economy

Matti Schurr, CEO and co-founder of Avocargo. The Berlin start-up offers e-cargo bikes in Berlin and wants to expand its offer to other cities this year. Photo: Fabian Sommer / dpa Whether you shop weekly or transport children: the cargo bike market is growing. In addition to start-ups, more and more cities want to put … Read more

Economics: ROUND: lack of staff – chaos of flights instead of summer dream trip?

FRANKFURT / BERLIN According to the trade association DRV, tour operators will do their best to ensure that booked summer tours take place. “Well-booked routes to package tours around the Mediterranean or more remote destinations are unlikely to be canceled on a larger scale,” a spokeswoman for the German Tourism Association DRV said on Friday. … Read more