The economy and economists criticize the ECB’s interest rate plans

The seat of the ECB in Frankfurt There is criticism of the central bank. (Photo: IMAGO / Political moments) Düsseldorf, Berlin Criticism of the pace of the European Central Bank (ECB) with planned interest rate increases comes from the German economy and leading economists. “Too little and too late,” Dirk Jandura, president of the German … Read more

Energy – Federal government: Start coal-fired power plants when gas shortage occurs – Economy

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck wants to continue arming Germany for a possible interruption in Russian gas supplies and to increase the number of coal-fired power plants in reserve. In the event of a gas shortage or a threat, gas consumption in the energy sector should be significantly reduced, as reported by … Read more

Energy – Drums of the Minister of Economy Habeck for energy saving – economy

Berlin (dpa) – Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck calls for energy saving and presented a work plan on this topic. “Anyone who saves energy, protects the climate, strengthens the country and protects the wallet,” explained the green politician. The newspapers of the Funke media group announced the plans for the first time. Every effort … Read more

The return of chemical weapons – the specter of science

How to prevent a future gas war? For a number of reasons, experts suspect that chemical weapons will be reused more in the future. Interstate wars are becoming less frequent, while civil wars and revolts have increased significantly since the turn of the millennium. On the one hand, this increases the risk that existing chemical … Read more