Norderstedt: “Crooked Bees” motorcycle club only for women

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Guest of the Science Festival “Highlights of Physics” in Regensburg – Regensburger Nachrichten

Ultra-fast physics in Regensburg, a fun opening show and James Bond at gunpoint – all of this awaits visitors to the Science Festival, which begins in Regensburg in mid-September. Among the guests, among others luminary of science prof. dr. Harald Lesch. On September 19, the “Highlights of Physics” science festival begins in Regensburg with a … Read more

Concerts, theatrical performances and more: 10 cultural tips around Berlin

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Schleswig-Holstein up-to-date: news at a glance | – News – Schleswig-Holstein

As of 07/19/2022 12:59 PM Brokdorf nuclear power plant: fuel rod deformed after a fall According to the Schleswig-Holstein Environment Ministry, there was an accident with a fuel rod at the Brokdorf nuclear power plant (Steinburg district), which was shut down. The ministry said that during the repair of the fuel element, the fuel rod … Read more

Heat in Lower Saxony: the hottest day of the year | – News

Status: 07/19/2022 11:35 Temperatures of up to 40 degrees are expected today in Lower Saxony. On this page you will find all the important information about the country’s weather. 12:01 Overheating warning in cars Cars can quickly become heat traps for dogs. (theme image) Due to the heat, the police in Lingen warn against leaving … Read more

Schleswig-Holstein up-to-date: news at a glance | – News – Schleswig-Holstein

As of: 07/18/2022 17:59 The alleged IHK emails: Software corruption warning Scammers apparently want to use the new scam to install malware on companies’ computers: there are now alleged emails from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry asking to be registered with “IHK Germany”. According to IHK Schleswig-Holstein, these e-mails are not from IHK and … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – A colorful festival under the banner of energy

Matten near Interlaken | July 13, 2022 At the long-awaited school festival, children, teachers and numerous festival guests had a varied and varied program. A festival for young and old. But especially for the little ones.Photos: zvg Much has been achieved under the banner of energy, writes the Matten School. And it took energy, not … Read more

midday heat? This is really the hottest time of the day

Updated 7/13/2022 at 09:10 When is the daytime temperature actually the highest? Surprisingly, the hottest time of the day is not often cited as the midday heat. More knowledge topics can be found here “Let’s not go to the outdoor pool until afternoon, it’s way too hot in the midday heat!” We have often heard … Read more

Motorsport: two days of off-road fun at the Motocross Masters in Tensfeld

motor sports Motocross performance: two days of off-road fun in Tensfeld Updated: 7/7/2022, 19:30 | Reading time: 3 minutes Driving skills and physical condition are required on a demanding route. Photo: Thomas Maibom International motocross bikers meet in Tensfeld over the weekend for the MX Masters. Fans can get back on track. Tensfeld. Classic motorcycle … Read more

Equal Opportunities Through Education: Broken Promises to Growth? – News from Regensburg

From the point of view of child, youth and family policy experts, the promise of promotion is broken in Germany: it is clear that poverty shapes children’s education and that it also affects the education system, he said in the public. expert discussion. During a technical discussion at the Sustainable Development Advisory Parliament on Wednesday … Read more