Down with commuting – economy

Commuting doesn’t make you happy, of course. Neither city dwellers who are irritated by traffic jams at their fingertips, nor commuters who are also irritated by long distances, poor connections and people who would prefer the city to be as green as it is in the countryside. Above all, the debate is so emotional right … Read more

Retirement at the age of 70: the emphasis on more work is reflected – the economy

Employer boss Stefan Wolf repeats his suggestion that Germans should work more and longer. The associations and social unions resisted pressure from the president of Gesamtmetall for a pension of 70 and longer working hours per week. It’s spicy that Wolf is going on the offensive just before a round of metal wage negotiations – … Read more

Social coalition – traffic lights are arguing over the debt brake – the economy

Berlin (dpa) – After Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced further reductions for energy consumers, the coalition argues over how to deal with the debt brake. Labor Minister Hubertus Heil makes the planned return to the debt brake from 2023 dependent on the economic situation. “If we fall into a mass recession, the coalition needs to … Read more

Social Affairs – Scholz promises civic benefits from 2023 – FDP has proposals for change – economy

Berlin (dpa) – Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised that Hartz IV will be replaced with the income of a new citizen in the coming year. On Friday in Berlin, he said that the basic income reform should “decide” to enter into force on January 1. However, implementation remains controversial in the traffic light government. … Read more

Social – FDP insists on sanctions for citizens’ money – the economy

Berlin (dpa) – The FDP has considerable reservations about the plans of the Minister of Social Affairs Hubertus Heil (SPD) regarding the income of citizens. Liberals insist on maintaining sanctions for the successor to the Basic Security Model, oppose new methods of calculation, and insist on better additional earning opportunities for benefit recipients. The introduction … Read more

Social – citizens’ income plans are shaped – open height – economy

Berlin (dpa) – The government’s traffic light plans to replace Hartz IV, the so-called civic money in the coming year are becoming more and more specific. Federal Social Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) has provided details. The bill from his house is therefore ready and is currently being voted on in the government. Heil’s plans assume … Read more

Trade unions – postulates for permanently higher wages – economy

Berlin (dpa) – Before Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s “Joint Action” began, economists and politicians called on employers and unions to steadily raise wages. “Only higher wages and social benefits can compensate middle and low income people in the long term,” said Marcel Fratzscher, president of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), the German Press Agency … Read more

Training time for employees: What questions are still open – Economics

Training – This term may sound pleasant to many managers. It promises better qualified employees, more opportunities and maybe even more motivation. However, many employees don’t explode as qualification measures draw near. Further training can also be seen as a nuisance (“What do they want now?”) And as a compulsion to adapt to new requirements. … Read more

There is an ongoing social debate – Erfurt – compulsory service: Ramelow insists on peace – economy

Berlin (dpa) – In the debate initiated by federal president Frank-Walter Steinmeier about compulsory social service, critics of this idea called for the strengthening of volunteering. After members of the traffic light coalition, representatives of trade unions and social organizations also expressed their opposition to the compulsory social service – it was approved by the … Read more

Taxonomy: Churches are afraid of EU rules on sustainable development – the economy

The fierce dispute over the EU’s green taxonomy is to be settled as representatives of the churches and the social economy in Germany are already clamoring for an explosive expansion: a social taxonomy. Green taxonomy is a classification system for which economic activity is climate and environmentally friendly. It must be green laundry prevent, and … Read more